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Name:Russell Tringham
Birthdate:Jan 18
Location:Central, Amestris
Website:Millways Bar
Background Information

At thirteen, Russell Tringham was forced to grow up quickly after his mother died and his father disappeared, in order to take care of his younger brother Fletcher. Russell takes this responsibility very seriously and often forgets about himself in order to take care of his brother.

Russell is still driven by the memory of his father, Nash Tringham, but instead of continuing his father's work on "the water of life" in order to create the philosopher's stone, Russell is now trying to find a cure for the red water sickness.


His father was trying to create the philospher's stone in order to help his hometown of Xenotime, which had fallen into ruin after a brief period of prosperity. It's because of his father's unfinished work that Russell goes to Xenotime in order to finish it. But the only way Russell and Fletcher would be able to work on the red water research was if Russell was a state alchemist. Not having enough time to actually become a state alchemist, Russell instead took the name of Edward Elric, because of their similar age and appearance.

Russell is very protective of his younger brother Fletcher, who helps him with his research, though he often ignored Fletcher's concerns about how they were hurting the townspeople instead of helping them. Russell knew that they were being manipulated by the owner of the town who was the real cause of the downfall of Xenotime and he hated himself for not being able to find a way out or find a way to create the philospher's stone. Russell still carries a lot of guilt over what he's done, and one of his ways of making things right is to find the cure.

With the help of the Elric brothers, they eventually overthrew the owner of Xenotime. Russell and Fletcher decided to stay in Xenotime using their real names, and help the townspeople like they had originally planned. Russell and Fletcher used their natural skills in plant alchemy to help grow new crops and make the town prosperous again.


At the time of his entrance into the bar, Russell Tringham is fifteen years old and, after being inspired by Edward Elric, he has since been studying to become a state alchemist. In his mind, Russell is not doing it for himself but for his brother.

Russell has a tendency to work and study late into the night and many times not get any sleep for a couple days until Fletcher forces him to go to bed.

When he is not bound, he comes and goes from Central, where he lives with Fletcher and Fletcher's cat Puffy.

Russell is from a few weeks after the end of the anime series, so there may be spoilers.

Edit: Due to movie plot, Russell is now 19 years old. During the events of the movie and for some time afterward, Russell and Fletcher did some traveling before ending up back in Central. They now own their own shop and provide advice and services to their neighbors and customers. Some time ago Russell found the cure to Red Water sickness with the help of an Earth doctor from Milliways. He no longer wants to become a State Alchemist and is enjoying the freedom of being a freelance alchemist instead. He is currently in a relationship with Edward Elric.

Russell is about 5'6" with short blonde hair that is always falling into his blue eyes. His typical outfit is a plain white button-up shirt and black slacks held up with suspenders. Lately, an old notebook and single pencil have been frequent accessories. Also, Russell never goes anywhere without a piece of chalk, just in case.

Contact information for Russell-mun
kore-persephone AT sbcglobal DOT net
hazel.bite on AIM

Russell-mun runs on Pacific Standard Time.
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[Russell Tringham is from the anime Full Metal Alchemist, and is the property of Square Enix and Bones Studios. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar by me, korepersephone, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.]
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